Laser Stainless Steel Sheet

The stainless steel laser plate is an environmentally friendly decorative material. It does not contain organic substances such as methanol. It is non-radiative, safe and fireproof. It is suitable for large-scale architectural decoration hotels and buildings, commercial decoration, public facilities, new home decoration and so on.

While keeping the stainless steel products smooth and smooth, the stainless steel products are given a colorful color pattern to make the products bright and colorful.

Easy to clean and durable. The color surface layer can withstand temperatures of 200 ° C, and the salt spray corrosion resistance is better than that of ordinary stainless steel. The wear resistance and scratch resistance are equivalent to the performance of the foil layer.

When bent at 90 ° C, the color layer is not damaged.
The pattern has a strong three-dimensional effect.


Product Information

Grade 201 304 316 430
Type Sheet or Coil
Thickness 0.3 ~ 3.0 (mm)
Width 1000/1219/1500 (mm)
Length Max: 6000 (mm) or Coil
Coating Double PE / Laser PE Coating
Remarks • Pattern and dimensions can be customized.
• Popular patterns can be recommended.
• All raw materials will be prime and suitable for surface processing.

Product Patterns

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