Laminated Stainless Steel Sheet

Laminated Metal is a composite material formed by bonding colored thin film to a base metal. It combines the beauty of dazzling color and design, excellent sound-proofing and durability of the base metal materials. Not only Laminated Metal offers uncompromising aesthetic appeal, it is also a practical solution for many applications because of its fire-retardant property,ease of processing, and weather resistance. It is S GS-tested and conforms to RoHS standards.


Product Information

Grade 201 304 316 430
Type Sheet or Coil
Thickness 0.3 ~ 3.0 (mm)
Width 1000/1219/1500 (mm)
Length Max: 6000 (mm) or Coil
Finish Lamination
Remarks • Pattern and dimensions can be customized.
• Popular patterns can be recommended.
• All raw materials will be prime and suitable for surface processing.

Product Patterns