How long can you guarantee the PVD color?

Our PVD color can ensure for more than 15 years in the interior decoration, nomally in the exterior decoration, color will also not fade off, only if it is exposed in humid environment for long time, the color will become more dark after several years.

What is the thickness of the color coating surface ?

Normally it’s about 2-5μm.

What color can you do by PVD?

Gold, rose gold, champagne gold, rose red, deep blue, pink, green, black are the most regular colors we provide, and we can make the color according to your sample.
Please note, if you want the color to be very similar in the same project, we strongly suggest that you should book the materials in same time as color aberration happens in different time order.

What is the range of thickness for embossed or stamped sheet?

About 0.3-1.5mm, the thickness depends on the pattern you choose.

What is the difference between 8K and mirror surface?

In china, we use 8K as the shorter for mirror surface, so it is same meaning.

Can we use color sheets on the ground?

Sometimes we can use for the color ground, or cut it into small line as a decoration on the ground.

Did stainless steel sheets get rusty?

Yes, but different grade materials can be anti-rusty for different time.The grade from strong anti-rusty to weak can be listed like the following:

How to protect the surface?

We protect all the sheets surface by two layers PVC film. Most color sheets are protected by Poli-film laser PVC.