Copper Stainless Steel Sheet

Stianless steel copper is a process for forming a metal plating layer by continuously reducing the metal ions on the autocatalytic surface by relying on the external power supply in the aqueous solution without relying on the reducing agent in the plating solution. Because the color of stainless steel antique copper is very similar to the true copper color, and the stainless steel antique copper plate is wear-resistant, pressure-resistant and corrosion-resistant, it has a service life of more than 10 years in a normal indoor environment, so it is commonly used in various antique decorative buildings.
Stainless steel imitation copper plate can make 8K, drawing, sandblasting, chaotic, black and other surface effects, and embossing, etching and other tread plates can also be plated with copper.

Stainless steel plated copper plate is a kind of high-grade decorative material. It not only has noble elegance, retro nostalgic flavor, but also its incomparable price advantage, so it is an indispensable decorative material for decorating various high-end places.


Product Information

Grade 201 304 316 430
Type Sheet or Coil
Thickness 0.4 ~ 3.0 (mm)
Width 1000/1219/1500 (mm)
Length Max: 6000 (mm) or Coil
Finish Mirror +Etch+Color
Remarks • Pattern and dimensions can be customized.
• Popular patterns can be recommended.
• All raw materials will be prime and suitable for surface processing.

Product Patterns