Colored Stainless Steel Sheet

Any color can be obtained but only the surface color is changed – the base metal is inherently silver. Coatings and surface chemical treatments are the most common coloring methods. These methods can achieve grey and black colors but there are also other options, which will be addressed separately. The underlying finish affects both electrochemical and Physically Vapor Deposited (PVD) color, so both finishing steps must be carefully specified.

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Electrochemical Color

It is possible to achieve coloring by applying chemicals until the desired color change is achieved without an electrochemical bath, in an older and less expensive process. Electrochemical coloring was developed to create a more stable, durable and abrasion-resistant finish and should be preferred for longer-term projects over simply applying chemicals.

PVD Color

PVD colored stainless steel sheet is available in a wide range of colors. This process applies a titanium and nitrogen-based ceramic coating to the surface.  Process and alloying variations are used to obtain a wide range of colors.

It is commonly used to color window glass; faucets and hardware; consumer products; and jewelry. It is more scratch resistant than electrochemical coloring but it can be damaged. PVD can be applied over any stainless steel. Supplier vetting is very important, particularly for exterior applications, since quality issues can lead to color change (darkening) and delamination. There are however many examples of excellent long-term performance.

Product Information

Grade 201 304 316 430
Type Sheet or Coil
Thickness 0.4 ~ 2.0 (mm)
Width 1000/1219/1500 (mm)
Length Max: 6000 (mm) or Coil
Coating Double PE / Laser PE Coating
Remarks • Pattern and dimensions can be customized.
• Popular patterns can be recommended.
• All raw materials will be prime and suitable for surface processing.

Product Patterns

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