About Us


FOSHAN FEROSTEEL CO., LTD (hereinafter referred to as “FEROSTEEL”)  is a full stainless steel metal ONE-STOP SOLUTION supplier. FEROSTEEL is a pioneering and leading manufacturer of artistic/colored stainless steel sheets in Foshan (Guangdong Province, China),  the biggest and most famous city base of stainless steel production.

As leading manufacturer of Art stainless steel sheet, FEROSTEEL owns two pieces of screen-print acid etching line, one piece of photo receptor etching line, three pieces of PVD machines, four prime pieces of mirror polishing machines (max width can do for 1530mm width polishing).

FEROSTEEL keeps growing by continuous innovation, strong leading team and qualified products. Our products are widely used in Middle East, Europe, America and currently, we have big growing in South Asia and Southeast Asia.


Core Team

Mr Bruce Huang, Founder and General Manager

Graduated from Sun Yat-Sen University  in 2006. 12 years art stainless steel experience, owns 7 yeas management experience.


Mr Weiguo Pan, Co-Founder. Etching Factory Manager

15 years stainless steel, brass, aluminium, steel etching experience and etching production experience. Well known as the leader in etching process and almost the best technician in etching area.


Mr Xiao, Co-founder. PVD Coating Factory Manager

10 years experience of PVD coating, running PVD machine for 4 years, and keep on learning improving the production and speed.


Mr Li,  Mirror Polishing Factory Manager

13 years experience of mirror polishing.


Strong  sales and technical team

15 professional export salesman and  5  experienced technicians provide our customers with the most professional services.